Asbestos Removal NSW

Friable Asbestos Removal Auburn NSW

Friable Asbestos Removal Auburn NSW

Fire damaged warehouse, Auburn NSW. The warehouse was severely damaged by fire almost completely destroying the asbestos roof sheet, the fire was so hot that some sections of the asbestos roof sheet ‘exploded’ and contaminated adjacent property. The works within the warehouse were classified as friable asbestos and the remaining asbestos removal works, including the dismantling of the steel and brickwork were conducted under controlled conditions. The extent of the fire and its contact with asbestos based products almost always turns a non friable product into a friable product.

Friable Asbestos removal examples in NSW 

Friable Asbestos Removal NSW 3
Friable Asbestos Removal NSW 6
Friable Asbestos Removal NSW 8

Photographs 1 is off insulation within a NSW regional hospital and clearly shows that the insulation has been damaged, this was common throughout the whole roof space and as such all surfaces were deemed to be contaminated.

Photographs 2 is off a residence affected by the installation of ‘loose fill asbestos insulation’ the insulation was discovered in these locations once the gyprock wall linings were removed. The most disturbing aspect was that Photo 6 is of an internal wall with the only direct path being where the plumber/electrician had placed services.
Photographs 3 is of a Sydney hospital, where the structural steel members had the asbestos coatings applied, the building, has since been demolished. This type of coating was very common throughout public type buildings throughout Australia

Non Friable Asbestos Roof Sheeting examples in NSW

Asbestos Roof Removal 1
Asbestos Roof Removal 2
Asbestos Roof Removal 3
Asbestos Roof Removal 4
Asbestos Roof Removal 5
Asbestos Roof Removal 6

The photographs 1, 2 & 3 are an example of how an asbestos roof can deteriorate over time, this particular roof was installed in the 1960s and was removed by Empire Contracting in 2013. The ‘Stalactites’ that are hanging below each trough were sampled/tested and were found to contain the three main types of asbestos present. This situation is not uncommon, but as can be seen the edge of this roof is not concealed or hidden by guttering, as a consequesnce The land below was also contaminated, alas the client chose to leave. Photographs 5 & 6 Are just examples of in situ asbestos roof sheeting, these roofs are over 40 years old and were being replaced, they were in quite poor condition.
Photograph 4 is of an asbestos shingle church roof in the Camden are, the shingles are extremly difficult to remove as the have concealed fixings and more often than not the roof pitch is to steep to walk on.

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